What is the number one factor that is limiting your improvements in running performance?   Most of us will agree that the answer to this question is the annoying occurrence of injury that limits your consistent pattern of training.   We all find ourselves at one point or another with any number of  common running injuries.  Whether we develop ITB problems, suffer with shin splints, or experience plantar fasciitis they all put a damper on your training plans.   How can I avoid these injuries before they stop my training?

Meg Sodano @ HMRRC Half Marathon

Have your movement patterns analyzed and develop a strength training program that addresses your corrective needs.  These prescriptions will target your asymmetries and imbalances and get you strong symmetrically.   The single leg deadlift is a great tool to use for just this.


Kettlebells are the preferred implement when executing this movement.  Above is Meg Sodano demonstrating a great example of the single leg deadliest with a 12kg (26.4 lbs ) kettlebell.  This exercise places amazing stability demands on the stance leg and the contralateral side of the torso/core.   Address and correct hip rotator, adductor, abductor, and glute instability problems all in one place with this dynamic stability movement.  Give it a try!



Source: http://blog.narkmovementstrategies.com/?feed=rss2

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