Mathew Nark

McMillan Certified Run Coach, Kettlebell Expert, Personal Trainer with Over 20,000 hrs of experience

 At Nark Running and Strength you can expect nothing but the best!   Get the RUNNING and STRENGTH RESULTS that you’ve always been looking for.  We have a proven formula for success and our record of achievement stands for itself.  In a time where everyone thinks that they are a run coach please come join us for the running experience of a lifetime! 




“My running has never been better than it is now.  Having a structured program has given me the boost that I needed to hit the times that I never thought were possible.   The guidance that I have been receiving has been the key to keeping me injury free and training consistently.  Hiring a professional running coach was the best move ever to push my running to the next level and reach my true potential.”

– K.S.